LIP-related Information

LIP Related Information

Integration is a two-way street approach, necessitating enhancement on the part of both newcomers and the host communities. In the last decade, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has acknowledged the necessity for developing innovative strategies and structures to address newcomer integration at the communal level.

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs), first funded by CIC in Ontario in 2008, allow for comprehensive engagement of diverse stakeholders to develop a collective community response to newcomer needs. Local Immigration Partnerships do not provide services directly to immigrants but rather nurture and fortify group effort between community partners aimed at improving immigrant integration outcomes and making communities more welcoming and inclusive.

Presently, there are 77 LIPs across Canada with 3 LIPs funded in New Brunswick. A substantial body of research has proven that innovative partnerships are effective in improving settlement services coordination, engagement of diverse community partners and integration of newcomers.