Council Members

The Founding Partners of Saint John Local Immigration Partnership

The founding partners of SJLIP include the Human Development Council (HDC), YMCA Newcomer Connections, Saint John Multicultural and Newcomers Resource Centre Inc. (SJMNRC), and IRCC.

This group, along with Pride of Race, Unity and Dignity through Education (PRUDE Inc.) and the City of Saint John, formed the Interim Executive Committee, the steward of the SJLIP until the Council is formed.

The City of Saint John is a funder of SJLIP and the contract agreement holder to the IRCC funding agreement, and as such is responsible for project coordination and reporting.

David Dobbelsteyn - SJLIP Co-Chair

Theresa Phillips - SJLIP Co-Chair

Mohamed Bagha

Janet Scott

Sandrine Selway

Reham Abazid

Laurelle LeVert

Emily McGill

Lynn MacDonald

Rodrigue Hébert

Stephanie Goguen

Li Song

Lisa Turner

Randy Hatfield

Duyen Nguyen

Abiola Daramola

Stephen Chase

Erin Court